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Domestic Violence survivors

Helping women who have suffered from domestic violence be empowered to step into your power and find their true purpose

Watch the  3-Minute video to discover how to heal together and thrive forever!









Our mission is to empower and heal women worldwide who have experienced domestic violence, providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to reclaim their lives and thrive.

Unlock the secrets to living your life confident, healed, and supported!!

Join our incredible community that understands, empathizes, and uplifts each other, fostering a safe and nurturing space for healing and growth!!


DV Self Awareness & Healing

You will embark on a journey of self-illumination. You will shine a light on their past experiences, acknowledging and understanding the impact of domestic violence. Through reflection and exploration, you will gain clarity about their emotions, triggers, and patterns, laying the foundation for healing and transformation


DV Building Resilience and Empowerment

In this milestone, you will focus on empowering yourself to overcome the impact of domestic violence. You will learn tools and techniques to cultivate self-compassion, self-care, and self-esteem. You will discover their inner resilience and strength, empowering yourself to break free from the limitations of their past and embrace their full potential.


Creating Supportive Connections

You will focus on thriving in your newfound empowerment. You will integrate the learnings from previous milestones and create a holistic approach to living a fulfilled life. This milestone may involve building a supportive community, setting goals, and implementing sustainable practices that align with your values, enabling them to thrive beyond the confines of their past experiences.


Celebrating DV Progress and Moving Forward

You will actively work on transforming their beliefs, behaviors, and thought patterns, allowing for profound healing and personal growth.

Three clients who attended my last 4-Day Challenge Results!!

"When I met Angeline a couple years ago, I was instantly drawn to her spirit.

She kept talking about limiting beliefs, and I didn’t know what that meant.

It is because of her that my eyes were opened, and once I let go of my self limiting beliefs, everything changed.

Thank you, Angeline, you are amazing friend and an incredible sister in Christ

I am so happy to be on this growth journey with you."

Dawn Howell

I met Angeline through a mentoring program we were both involved in. We clicked instantly as we had the same perspective in life. 

As I got to know Angeline better, I realized that she was on a mission to help women who have been domestic violence survivors. 

Angeline is a kind warm lady who has so much to give to the world. She is smart, intelligent, and a great leader. I am so honored to have her as my coach."

Dorinda Burke

“Angeline, helps with removing self limiting beliefs, helps you define your worth and makes it easy to do the homework. I enjoyed being a part of her masterclass so much!"

Ally McDonald

In case we haven't met

I'm Angeline Constantinou, your Empowerment Partner.

I've been in your shoes, and I want to help you regain your empowerment and equip you with tools to heal and receive goodness and love in your life.

Leaving an abusive ex-husband was my first step to feeling FREE and transitioning from a victim to a victor in my life! Since leaving that relationship and pursuing life outside of abuse, I have had to come up with a new plan, create a community built on trust and security, and realize I really wasn't on this journey alone.

After hiring my own mentors and investing in my growth, I realized that I had a message to share with the world. Before, I could truly share that message, I needed to do the deep work of letting go of limiting beliefs and lies I allowed myself to believe for years and start stretching outside of my comfort zone to truly live and experience the life that God was calling me towards. 

‌I now get to work with amazing women communities such as the Millionaire Mentorship group, host webinars, and guest speak on podcasts such as the Pink Panther Podcast, and radio shows such as Inspired News Radio and Women 4 Women Radio Network out of Canada.

All of these experiences and growth opportunities led me to start my own coaching business helping women make the transition from overwhelmed, lost, and confused to feeling confident and prepared to step into their calling. This is why I am so passionate about providing women of domestic abuse with a mentorship program that will help them break their silence and step boldly into the healthier, strong, and confident woman God intended them to be. 

My promise is to love you through this healing journey you're on and walk with you out of the valley onto the top of the mountain where your voice and message will be heard and impact others as well!

Yes Angeline, I want access to the Mission: Healing Together & Thriving Forever 4-Day Challenge

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