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Empowerment DV Circle Movement

"Healing Together, Thriving Forever" - for DV survivors

4-Step DV Empowered Healing Blueprint

  • DV Illuminate

  • In this initial milestone, participants will embark on a journey of self-illumination. They will shine a light on their past experiences, acknowledging and understanding the impact of domestic violence. Through reflection and exploration, they will gain clarity about their emotions, triggers, and patterns, laying the foundation for healing and transformation.

  • DV Empower

  • In this milestone, participants will focus on empowering themselves to overcome the impact of domestic violence. They will learn tools and techniques to cultivate self-compassion, self-care, and self-esteem. They will discover their inner resilience and strength, empowering themselves to break free from the limitations of their past and embrace their full potential.

  • DV Transform

  • In this milestone, participants will engage in a process of transformation. They will delve deeper into healing modalities, such as therapy, mindset work, and emotional release techniques. They will actively work on transforming their beliefs, behaviors, and thought patterns, allowing for profound healing and personal growth.

  • DV Thrive Community

  • In this final milestone, participants will focus on thriving in their newfound empowerment. They will integrate the learnings from previous milestones and create a holistic approach to living a fulfilled life. This milestone may involve building a supportive community, setting goals, and implementing sustainable practices that align with their values, enabling them to thrive beyond the confines of their past experiences.

  • These four milestones a comprehensive framework for participants to progress through a process of discovery, healing, and empowerment. Each milestone builds upon the previous one, guiding participants towards a state of thriving and living their true potential.

    The Membership Includes:

    • Access to the Empowerment DV Circle only exclusive Facebook Group. ($500 Value)

    • 3 live Coaching Calls for support, inspiration and implementation sessions per month [30 minutes] - with 3 months we reduce to 2 lives per month.  ($200 Value)

    • Empowerment DV Healing Journal - daily journal from coming from the depth of despair to freedom and liberation. ($297 Value)

    • Unlimited Access to the "Empowerment Circle" 3 - module course with kickstarting your healing DV journey with mindset and module video tutorials, empowerment task and tools to implement over the course of the program. ($997 Value)

    • 1 x Zoom "I get you dv coffee chat"

    • Expert Guest Interviews: Invite experts or guest speakers from relevant fields to conduct exclusive interviews or Q&A sessions with your members. (this will evolve with your input)

    • Discounts and early access to any upcoming events/retreats and coaching programs

    $2,021 Value for Only $47 / Month

    What my clients are saying...

    "When I met Angeline a couple years ago, I was instantly drawn to her spirit.

    She kept talking about limiting beliefs, and I didn’t know what that meant.

    It is because of her that my eyes were opened, and once I let go of my self limiting beliefs, everything changed.

    Thank you, Angeline, you are amazing friend and an incredible sister in Christ

    I am so happy to be on this growth journey with you."

    Dawn Howell

    I met Angeline through a mentoring program we were both involved in. We clicked instantly as we had the same perspective in life. 

    As I got to know Angeline better, I realized that she was on a mission to help women who have been domestic violence survivors. 

    Angeline is a kind warm lady who has so much to give to the world. She is smart, intelligent, and a great leader. I am so honored to have her as my coach."

    Dorinda Burke

    “Angeline, helps with removing self limiting beliefs, helps you define your worth and makes it easy to do the homework. I enjoyed being a part of her masterclass so much!"

    Ally McDonald

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