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STEP 1: 

Join The DV Self Discovery 4 Day Workshop Facebook™️ Group

This is where the healing happens.

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I want to heal and thrive

STEP 2: 

Book in your 15-minute Compassionate Connection Call before the 28th of August 🎁 🎁

Let's connect so I can get to know you more and chat about the right next steps for your healing journey. ➡️

STEP 3: 

Subscribe to the calendar of events below to ensure you don't miss the fun ⬇️

Don't worry the calendar will work out the dates in your timezone - hit the button below to receive the event dates and times from the Facebook group.

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Let's Go, I am excited

What clients are saying 

Our Clients Get Massive Results Fast!

"When I met Angeline a couple years ago, I was instantly drawn to her spirit.

She kept talking about limiting beliefs, and I didn’t know what that meant.

It is because of her that my eyes were opened, and once I let go of my self limiting beliefs, everything changed.

Thank you, Angeline, you are amazing friend and an incredible sister in Christ

I am so happy to be on this growth journey with you."

Dawn Howell

I met Angeline through a mentoring program we were both involved in. We clicked instantly as we had the same perspective in life. 

As I got to know Angeline better, I realized that she was on a mission to help women who have been domestic violence survivors. 

Angeline is a kind warm lady who has so much to give to the world. She is smart, intelligent, and a great leader. I am so honored to have her as my coach."

Dorinda Burke

“Angeline, helps with removing self limiting beliefs, helps you define your worth and makes it easy to do the homework. I enjoyed being a part of her masterclass so much!"

Ally McDonald

Starts: August 28

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