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My Story: From Victim to Victor!

Leaving my abusive ex-husband was my first step to feeling FREE and transitioning from a victim to a victor in my life!

I always say, have an exit plan, communicate with security, and don’t do it alone!

I started working in an advertising agency from 9 – 5. A lot of traveling was required in my position. Initially, it wasn’t so bad but it did become extraneous and that’s what led me into the next phase in my life.

My job was paying me a decent wage but something inside of me was seeking more than a decent wage. I knew I had a message to share with the world. I just didn’t know how to do it.

So I invested in a millionaire mentorship group. And it put me on a new path! Today, I am still invested in this group and I’ve grown so much thanks to its mentors and amazing women (sisters!) who have shared and supported my goals to change the world.

I was growing slowly, but I learned that the hardest thing about growth is letting go of limiting beliefs. So I decided to travel to Port Elizabeth, South Africa for a launch event.

Oh boy! Talk about stepping out of my comfort zone! It was scary, but it was an incredible adventure. The people, the food, and the environment were all so welcoming. By the end of the trip I was so glad that I challenged myself to take action. I faced my fears and traveled to a foreign country for the first time.

Now I had to place myself in the hot seat by hosting webinars and doing Facebook Lives. Public Speaking is a big fear for everyone and I was no different! I had to tackle this as well. But my mentors and partners were by my side all the way, pushing me to be better.

I continued to surround myself with high-vibe individuals. I experienced tremendous personal and professional breakthroughs. I closed an 18k sale, paid off my convertible, and started receiving invitations to speak on popular podcasts. As I write this today, there are even more opportunities coming into my life!

Are you ready for a mentor to partner with you on your journey from victim to victor? I’m here to help you break free of old, limiting beliefs and step into the life you want to be living!

These are Books and Journals that have

helped me on my Journey

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