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Hi There, I'm Angeline! I am the founder of Let's Break the Silence. I am here to equip and empower domestic abuse survivors to amplify your voice and receive the goodness you deserve!

Let's Break the Silence

I want to help you release and heal past wounds that have left you feeling overwhelmed, inferior, and lost. Rediscover yourself and be empowered as you step into your divine power and identity that will lead you to your true purpose and calling in life that God is calling you towards.

In case we haven't met

I'm Angeline Constantinou, your Empowerment Partner.

I've been in your shoes, and I want to help you regain your empowerment and equip you with tools to heal and receive goodness and love in your life.

Leaving an abusive ex-husband was my first step to feeling FREE and transitioning from a victim to a victor in my life! Since leaving that relationship and pursuing life outside of abuse, I have had to come up with a new plan, create a community built on trust and security, and realize I really wasn't on this journey alone.

After hiring my own mentors and investing in my growth, I realized that I had a message to share with the world. Before, I could truly share that message, I needed to do the deep work of letting go of limiting beliefs and lies I allowed myself to believe for years and start stretching outside of my comfort zone to truly live and experience the life that God was calling me towards. 

‌I now get to work with amazing women communities such as the Millionaire Mentorship group, host webinars, and guest speak on podcasts such as the Pink Panther Podcast, and radio shows such as Inspired News Radio and Women 4 Women Radio Network out of Canada.

All of these experiences and growth opportunities led me to start my own coaching business helping women make the transition from overwhelmed, lost, and confused to feeling confident and prepared to step into their calling. This is why I am so passionate about providing women of domestic abuse with a mentorship program that will help them break their silence and step boldly into the healthier, strong, and confident woman God intended them to be. 

My promise is to love you through this healing journey you're on and walk with you out of the valley onto the top of the mountain where your voice and message will be heard and impact others as well!

Let's Break the Silence

Check out my ~ Podcast ~ Programs ~ Book to empower you to step into your divine identity and rise to your God-given purpose.


Listen in to another episode of Let's Break the Silence with Angeline - If you are a woman who is afraid to speak out and share your story about domestic abuse, then this podcast is just for you.


Set yourself free from the myth that you have to feel ashamed of sharing your story after surviving domestic abuse! Amplify your voice and receive the goodness you deserve with my signature program Let's Break the Silence.


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Want to continue to receive resources that will equip and empower you on your healing journey?
Stay in the know with news and promotions.

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